Howto: Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL

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I’m taking Internet Computing this sem and many of my friend do not know how to setup Apache, MySQL, PHP on their machine. So i come out with this howto for the easiest way to setup those application.

This howto consist of 2 part:

1) Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows

2) Apache, MySQL, PHP on Linux

Part 1 : Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows

  1. Download WAMP [Get the latest version here]
  2. Run the setup file (just use default installation)
  3. Whenever you want thoe service run, just click Start > All Programs > Wampserver > Start Wampserver
  4. Make sure all services are running
  5. By default, your files that you want to publish should be placed in C:\wamp\www

Part 2 : Apache, MySQL, PHP on Linux

  1. Most people that use Linux is actually expert. So i know that you know you to setup it (emerge, apt-get, yum, rpm, deb)

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