Browser Benchmarking

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Hi all, especially nzuhdi. Hehe.. I’ve performed benchmark test on several browser to determine the javascript speed on each browser.

I used Javascript Speed Tests from this page :- and the result are :-

Chromium (build 6107 [27th Nov])

Google Chrome

Safari 3.2

Firefox 3.1 (beta) Safemode

Opera 9.6

Epiphany 2.22

Firefox 3.1 (beta)

Firefox 3.0.4

Thanks to Adeep for the screeny


Konqueror 3.5.10

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2)

P/S #1: Some said that TraceMonkey, the new javascript engine for Firefox 3.1 is faster compare to Google Chrome. Read more [HERE] and [HERE]