Weekly Summary : Merdeka and Internet Explorer

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This week I’ll be writing on a short update related to Malaysia merdeka (independence) day and Internet Explorer MS12-052 bug.

It is almost like a tradition here, in Malaysia, to receive a massive number of system intrusion and website defacement on our merdeka (independence) day. Based on the data of the previous years, most of the attacks came from the foreign countries, and the messages left by them clearly reflect their political motive on performing the attack.

But in 2012, the incidents landscape on the merdeka day (week) shifted. The total number of system intrusion and website defacement reduced a lot compare to the same period of time in the previous years. This data can be verified by performing zone-h search, and you can cross check your findings with MyCERT monthly statistic by end of this month (or early next month).

One thing that is sad to be shared here is, it is not only the number that has shifted, the source of attack for this year is also showing some differences. Most of the defacement cases this year, that is related to .MY domain, or websites that are hosted in the IP range of Malaysia, were performed mostly by local attackers. Their messages are not clear, but a quick conclusion that I can make is, it was for fame.

Also in this week’s update, I’ll cover a bit on the “Internet Explorer Script Interjection Code Execution (updated)” that has been posted to Bugtraq mailing list. You can read the details part of the advisory in the “VULNERABILITY DETAILS” section. As of the writing of this update, there is no news yet on this vulnerability (MS12-052) has been used in the wild, and I’ve cross checked with Metasploit and confirmed that, it is not yet ported to Metasploit. However, with the detail explanation provided in the advisory, I don’t think it will take any longer for the working exploit to be made public.

You can use the following generic Yara rule to detect a malicious html/JS file exploiting this vulnerability:

rule MS12_052
                author = "Adnan Mohd Shukor" 
                author_email = "adnan.shukor @ G!"
                ref = "MS12-052"
                ref_url = "http://seclists.org/bugtraq/2012/Sep/29"
                cve = "CVE-"
                version = "1"
                impact = 4
                hide = false
                $ms12052_1 = /mailto\:.{2000,}/ nocase fullword
                $ms12052_2 = /\.getElements?By/ nocase
                $ms12052_3 = /\.removeChild\(/ nocase
                $ms12052_4 = /document\..*?= ?null/ nocase
                $ms12052_1 and $ms12052_2 and ($ms12052_3 or $ms12052_4)

Thats all for this week.


MyLipas :: The Defacement Crawler

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If you are a system administrator of websites that is hosted in Malaysia or owner of the domains ended with .MY.. or.. hosting company, you might heard/read about “MyLipas” somewhere, somehow.. maybe in the email subject or something 😉

Ok here are short descriptions of MyLipas and what is he capable with:

  • Named MyLipas due to the ugly code (coded in 2 nights)
  • Was around since early February 2009
  • Highly inspired by Shaun’s (Australian Honeynet Project) Skynet project
  • Crawl for the defaced/hacked websites that are hosted in Malaysia (Malaysia IP range) or domain ended with .MY
  • Crawler “abuse” Google search and Zone-H list to look for the defaced websites (based on keywords)
    1. Yes it can bypass the Zone-H’s captcha 😀
    2. If you are a CSM staff and you claim yourself as a Google-Fu, but you don’t know how to Google for websites that is hosted in Malaysia but not limited to those ended with .MY, you brought shame upon yourself
  • MyLipas can also receive manual (single or bulk) URL submission
  • All URLs will be grouped by IP (of the hosting) and the following information will be collected (automagically!) :
    1. IP address
    2. Web server information
    3. Domain owner/hosting email address (for reporting)
  • Email will be sent to MyCERT (grouped by IP) with the information above, for incident escalation process
  • Screenshot will automagically be taken for each URL
  • Defacer name will be captured into database
  • Data will be mapped into damn nice Ajax and flashy Flash graphs and bars.. [Thanks to Nymkum mYnN and @m4ysix]
  • The main job of MyLipas is to crawl for defaced website.. But it can easily customized to become SQL injection vulnerability crawler, leaked information crawler etc etc..
  • Enough for now…

Updated on 1 Feb 2012
MyLipas is now integrated with few more defacement archiver websites (which wont be listed here)