OIC CERT Seminar 2009

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  1. Attended OIC CERT Seminar 2009
  2. Meet a lot of people (in related field of course)
  3. Learned few new things
  4. Eat for free
  5. Again eat for free
  6. Tomorrow, gonna assist my colleague, , in conducting Honeynet Hands-on Training

P/S #1 : Rumah sebelah rumah aku kami buat Projek Tanaman Lalang Madu dengan usaha sama MARDI. Sebab tu lalang kat umah dia sampai paras pinggang dah.. umah aku kami punye dah clear… kami aku kami buat manual lagi tu..

P/S #2 : We have enough facilities, technologies. ‘Abuse‘ it to expend your knowledge, the way you think. Think outside the box

P/S #3 : Dapat project baru (project kerja.. bukan side project) Thanks to Bro

P/S #4 : Kalau harta sendiri boleh la declare & buat macam harta sendiri, tapi kalau kongsi, buat cara kongsi

P/S #5 : Anjing takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri.. hahahha..

P/S #6 : Aku nak ushar rumah.. Area Nilai cun ke huh?

P/S #7 : Tengah compile Ubuntu ni.. ya.. Ubuntu.. bukan Gentoo.. nanti aku buat howto

Facebook :: SQL Injection Vulnerability Found

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Yesterday, a friend of mine, YM me and inform me regarding the SQL injection that he found.

After tested, I’ve found that the SQL injection is working and I straight away launch a report to Facebook team… But until now, the vulnerability still haven’t been patched by them.

So , if you are a Facebook user, please change your password 🙂

Another thing about Facebook is.. I hate Superpoke, not bacause of the application, but the Superpokers. Hahaha.. I already block and remove the application from me account..

The Noob Sound Engineer

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And here is my version. Download here

Gothic rock cover (The Cure style)

New Year – 2009

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** full update will be posted later **

I’ve spent the whole new year night to prepare :-

But here are the results :-

  • I gave my Microsoft Window$ XP’s CD to my brother and the backup (ISO) that I have with me is CORRUPTED. I’ve tried with VMWare Server 2 and 1.0.8 and I thought the problem was due to Virtual Machine Disk Format (VMDK) incompatibility, but after using VirtualBox, then only I know that the problem actually came from the ISO file. Haaaihh… What a waste…
  • The automate migration tool from CMS Made Simple to WordPress is finally finished and surprisingly it is 98.33% compatible BUT suddenly I’ve found that WordPress doesn’t have ‘content inheritance’ functionality like CMS Made Simple did… So I have stick with CMS Made Simple… Again… Haaaihh… What a waste…

Pidgin 2.5.3 Has Released

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Download HERE