Bye Bye IBM

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Basically yesterday was my last day working in IBM and today I came back to return the (not so) smart card, locker key and insurans card.

I’m going to CyberSecurity Malaysia and work under Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) as an Intrusion Analyst.

So.. Bye bye to all my friends in IBM. I’ve learnt a lot from you guys. Keep in touch..

P/S #1: I’m gonna start working in CyberSecurity Malaysia on 1st December so I still have 1 week to enjoy before didera oleh yomuds kat sana nanti.

P/S #2: Thanks for the “Apple”

IBM oh IBM – part 2

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Here in IBM what I did was…. nothing but attending training.

Today (for after 2 months) i just finished 3 basic training which are:

  1. PC Basic
  2. ThinkVantage Technologies
  3. Processing

Starting from tomorrow, some of us (new hires) will start to do their real work but Sani and I need to attend another training for another 5 days for server thingy.

yupz… learn, learn, learn and get paid

Moving to SLED

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Yerp.. i’m moving to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.1 by Novell. Not because I love it… but i HAVE to learn it to make myself familiar with it.

Q: Why Enterprise edition? Banyak duit kau?

A: IBM & Lenovo are now pre-load their products with SLED. So it is an advantage for me if i know the Enterprise environment well. Mane lah tau boleh pergi ke IBM vietnam. HUAHUHAUHUHAHUHA… Duit? tak la banyak.. tapi CD nie aku dapat for FREE dari IBM punya trainer.. HAhaha..

IBM ThinkPad R40 is Now Alive

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According to previous post :- Kecederaan ThinkPad & Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun..

Now my ThinkPad R40 is back with new identity; “IBM Thinkpad R40 Modded Edition”:D

Brand new motherboar; Ordered from China

New battery that can last till 5 hours

New processor and RAM