IBM oh IBM – part 2

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Here in IBM what I did was…. nothing but attending training.

Today (for after 2 months) i just finished 3 basic training which are:

  1. PC Basic
  2. ThinkVantage Technologies
  3. Processing

Starting from tomorrow, some of us (new hires) will start to do their real work but Sani and I need to attend another training for another 5 days for server thingy.

yupz… learn, learn, learn and get paid

Moving to SLED

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Yerp.. i’m moving to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.1 by Novell. Not because I love it… but i HAVE to learn it to make myself familiar with it.

Q: Why Enterprise edition? Banyak duit kau?

A: IBM & Lenovo are now pre-load their products with SLED. So it is an advantage for me if i know the Enterprise environment well. Mane lah tau boleh pergi ke IBM vietnam. HUAHUHAUHUHAHUHA… Duit? tak la banyak.. tapi CD nie aku dapat for FREE dari IBM punya trainer.. HAhaha..