PDF Obfuscation : Using Hexadecimal in Defining Filter

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I was reading my RSS feed and suddenly I’ve found this PDF sample. We’ve found PDF-JS Obfuscation with this.info.title last week and this time comes another trick. Using hexadecimal in defining filter..

The following line was found in one of the stream

</Length 0000000/Filter/#41#53#43#49#49#38#35#44#65#63#6f#64#65>>

once converted from hex to ascii, here is what i’ve found

</Length 0000000/Filter/ASCII85Decode>>

Yeah.. nothing much, but yes the sample will be passed to Azizan for enhancement of Analyz3r

Map Released : MalsingMaps for Mapking G10/2007, R12 and PC & Official Garmin compiled Malsingmaps Malaysia / Singapore / Brunei NT 2009.40 (FREE)

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PHP Security Poster

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SektionEins has finished the english translation of the PHP Security Poster and sends it now to interested PHP programmers for free. You only have to fill out the order form. The poster is of DIN A0 size and details the most important aspects of configuring PHP securely and writing secure PHP code..

The poster contains the following topics:

  • Vulnerabilities & Concepts
  • Security Related PHP Funktionen
  • Secure Programming
  • Hardening the PHP Configuration
  • Server Protection with Suhosin

The order form for the poster is available here.

Writing Advisories is Not Considered as ‘Extra Mile’

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Terima kasih diatas minat yang ditunjukkan. ****** dan alert tidak dikira dalam kategori berkenaan kerana ianya sememangnya tugas jabatan. Kategori ini dibuat utk membolehkan staff yang melaksanakan ‘extra mile’ diberi penghormatan.

Dear god, please give me the Shell V-Power so that I can get extra mileage!

Erasing the Content of Flash ROM

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Hi all especially HTC users.

This HOWTO gonna cover steps that are needed to erase the content of flash ROM for HTC device to prevent the automagic hard reset when a cooked ROM crashed.

I believe that you are now running a cooked ROM on your device (Huh? Still running on the original ROM? Come on.. Dont be such a lame goat) and for those who already flash their device for several times (with several different ROMs), you might have the auto hard reset problem that gonna occur almost every day. Besides data loss, it will also cause you headache and hair loss 😛

There are several reasons that gonna lead to this problem (please leave comment if you found that I’m wrong) and they are:

  1. Installed a corrupted ROM
  2. Flash the radio ROM after the OS ROM
  3. Install the Hard-SPL without flashing the radio and OS ROM (after that)
  4. Memory Bad Blocks

If you think that reason no 1,2 and 3 is not related to you, the only way to solve your problem is by wiping/erasing the content of the entire ROM before you flash it back into the new ROM (which caused by reason no 4).

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  3. Turn on your device into bootloader menu (if you dont know how to do it, please refer device manual)
  4. Connect the USB cable from your device to your computer
  5. Enter the bootloader cmd prompt
    • For Windows user : Make sure you have disabled the USB connection in ActiveSync, before trying to connect to the bootloader: File –> Connection settings –> uncheck “allow USB connections” then, download and run the mtty program
    • For Linux user: Download the htc-flasher, run it, and choose Bootloader Cmd Prompt
  6. Type the following command (for advance user: dont set any value for StartAddr and Len in erase, just use default value)
    password BsaD5SeoA
    task 28
  7. Reset/restart your device by poking into the reset hole or you can issue the following command
  8. Now you can flash your GSM/Radio ROM
  9. And finally you can flash your cooked ROM as usual/normal
  10. If you device is still stuck in tri-colour / boot loader mode, perform the following command
    set 16 0

Cheers…! 😀